These are pictures taken while performing for the Los Angeles Unified School District. The schools involved were from Washington High, in central Los Angeles, San Fernando High in the City of San Fernando and Garfield High. Several junior high schools, were bused in from there local surrounding High Schools.

From each high school, we selected 4 students taking classes in "Theatre and Performance Studies Programs", to work with our production team, over a three day event. What a treat! They assisted us with Lighting, Sound and Wardrobe. It was a great experience for us and the six thousand or more students who attended.


Story Teller productions is a theatrical company, who’s mission is to produce educational and entertaining, theatrical, projects. With your financial help, we can continue to take play’s across the nation and to cities where social unrest is prevalent. The play, “Martin duty calls”, is a reminder that we as a people are better as a society, when we love and respect one another. So please give generously. Thank you. StoryTeller Production Team.

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